post-title Why Your Website Needs a Chatbot

Why Your Website Needs a Chatbot

Last modified: August 19, 2023

Why Your Website Needs a Chatbot

Why Your Website Needs a Chatbot

Reasons why businesses have been using chatbots to improve their websites

If you have already set up a website for your business, you may be wondering how you could continue to provide live support to your customers 24/7. More and more people are using the Internet (and possibly your site) to find the information they need before making any purchases. Visitors often expect instantaneous responses to their queries without the trouble of making a phone call or sending an e-mail. This rings especially true for millennials, as they love chatting and texting!

Many businesses have utilized artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots to improve their websites by enhancing customer engagement. Chatbots meet the needs of page visitors by answering user questions promptly. However, there are other reasons why businesses have been increasingly adding chatbots to their sites. Let’s explore the ways in which a chatbot can be used to improve your own website.

1. Your business targets customers from all over the world

In today’s world, your customers could be located anywhere in the world. Differing time zones become an issue when customers need a quick response from your support team.

However, a chatbot can resolve this issue as it runs 24/7 and year round. This saves you not only time, but manpower when trying to answer all of your visitors’ questions. Chatbots are especially useful in answering questions that require less complex answers.

2. Your business wants to scale up

As your business grows, there may be more customers (prospective or existing) trying to reach out to your support team. This can be overwhelming for early-stage firms with small teams when waves of customers start reaching out. Your live chat agents might only be able to handle a few customer conversations at one time. A chatbot, on the other hand, doesn’t exactly have a limit. A chatbot could help answer most of the customers’ inquiries and therefore eliminate the need to hire additional manpower. In an event where a chatbot cannot answer the customer’s questions, you could redirect the customers to live human assistance.

3. Saves time and cost

In addition to the few reasons that we have listed above, the main reason why you’ll need a chatbot ultimately boils down to time-efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

A chatbot is capable of endless things due to the very nature of artificial intelligence – chatbots operate with a machine learning feature and can therefore become ‘smarter’ by learning from past user conversations. The next time a user asks a question that has been asked before, your chatbot will learn how to better answer the customer.

If you’re ever worried that developing a chatbot is extremely time-consuming and requires expertise to build one, fear not. There are many chatbot development services such as Botsify and Chatfuel that allow you configure the way you want your chatbot to be – without coding. You can then integrate these chatbots to your website or connect them to your Facebook page and let them work for you.

Additionally, the cost of building a chatbot is definitely lower when compared to an application development. And think about the expenses saved on hiring more manpower for your customer support service.

Cost-effective? Check. Enhanced business efficiency? Check.

In the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI-powered technology will become increasingly common, and you can implement these technologies to enhance your marketing strategies or to deliver better solutions to your customers. Given that customers nowadays are expecting customised solutions and services, you may want to consider using a chat bot to improve your website and increase customer satisfaction.

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