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Compare the best Corporate services in Singapore 2018

Starting your company can seem complicated – administrative paperwork, bank meetings, legal complexity, too many fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use or where to start. We created InCorporate to help you and make it easy: THE tool to do everything you need to create your company and start running it.

And it is available for entrepreneur everywhere in the world.

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100% Trustfull

InCorporate takes the guesswork out of getting started. Set up with standard defaults used by thousands of entrepreneurs and the leadings partners in corporate services.


Fast and easy

Your incorporated company and new bank account will be ready within days. Keep track of everything in one place.

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Knowledge Center

Connect with other founders and learn from experts. Join an exclusive forum for InCorporate entrepreneurs.

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InCorporate helps you to compare, select and connect with the best experts (corporate services, lawyers, banks, wed designer, marketers, coworoking space etc…) that suits you to start your company and offer great deals to InCorporate users. Users reviews are there to guarantee price consistency and avoid any surprise…

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The InCorporate Guide to Starting your Company

We’ve put together a Guide explaining accounting, taxes, employment, and more. InCorporate users can also access exclusive, detailed guides on legal and tax topics from our partners.


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Join the InCorporate Forum—a private discussion board for all InCorporate entrepreneurs around the world. Connect with other entrepreneurs, find beta users, learn from experienced founders, and get advice on surmounting early challenges. The InCorporate community also includes 200 investors, accelerators, and companies around the world in the InCorporate marketplace, who can directly help you for all your company needs through InCorporate.

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How long does it take to start your Business in Singapore ?

Once you’re ready to start your business, your company and all the services you select will be set up within days. You can select which service you need and our partners take care of all the paperwork.

InCorporate is FREE for all Entrepreneurs and helps you to connect with the best services for your company. We take the same referral fee from every company on our website and don’t push anyone forward. We want to bring Price transparency into this world, no more surprise for the entrepreneurs or hidden charges !

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