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A 10-step guide on how to start a business in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best countries to start your company. You can define goals to establish a company and provide business services across the world in order to help clients make more confident and informed decisions. For entrepreneurs, building a company is the ultimate dream. However, dreams require action to be achieved. Although many […]

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How and why you should get your company audited

Auditing – what is it? Simply put, an audit is an examination of a company’s accounts to ensure their validity and accuracy. Audits are usually carried out by a third party organization in order to minimize the chance of fraud. In more complex terms, an audit, then is “the systematic and independent examination of books, […]

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Why Singapore is a great place to incorporate your company for a foreigner

Why Singapore is a great place to incorporate your company for a foreigner There are countless variables to consider as someone looking to incorporate their company overseas. They range from quite simple to extremely complex – workforce demographics, taxation laws, environmental regulations. Depending on what your company needs are, you may stand to gain some […]

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Things You Need to Know About SEO

Tips on how to enhance your SEO Every business needs a website; and the next step you would need is to market your brand online, either through advertisements or making your website appear on the top of search results. This is called search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO. SEO increases website traffic for your […]

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Things to Consider When Building Your Chatbot

Things You Need to Know When Building Your Chatbot In our previous article about how every business needs a chatbot, we talked about the benefits of a chatbot, and how they can help to enhance your customer engagement level which traffics more customers to your website, bringing you more business. While building a chatbot (without […]

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Need a Business Idea? Here is how to find it!

Geraldine Gauthier, you have coached many entrepreneurs struggling to find their next big idea. Is there a way for them to unlock their creative potential and passion? Geraldine: I believe each of us is innately innovative and creative. Some more so than others, but we’ve all got the spark hidden somewhere down deep inside us. Creativity […]

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Why you need a registered address for your business

 Options you have for office spaces If you are about to start your new business, the first thing that may come to your mind is renting an office space. It may seem daunting and a huge commitment – time wise and budget wise. However, it has never been easier and more flexible to rent an […]

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