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Investing in Your Personal Branding

Building your personal branding – how is it important? As an aspiring entrepreneur, have you ever thought of staying ahead of the rat race amongst all the other entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship today is no longer about promoting your business branding; you have to build your personal brand and put yourself out there before you could start […]

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Best Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

7 tips for marketing your small business Small businesses often face additional difficulties when trying to promote their goods and services, especially compared to big firms with huge budgets. It’s hard to increase brand awareness (or even product awareness) when you’re competing with less cash. Still, there are some easy ways to effectively market your […]

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Outsourcing accounting services

For every business, accounting is a major part of day to day business operations. Starting out, there are a massive set of responsibilities any new entrepreneur has to face and shoulder. With so many operations to multi-task, it may be burdensome and overwhelming for entrepreneurs to keep track of their operations and their budget at the same time. At such a crucial time of the business, it is important that entrepreneurs shed as much of the workload from their shoulder as possible. This can be done by outsourcing.

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2.1.6 Recruitment

Last up, we have Recruitment. The process of hiring workers is probably one of the most crucial ones in the company. Good employees boost productivity and improve the company’s bottom line. Thus, it is extremely important that you hire the right people for the job. There are plenty of ways to hire people.

But, today, we are going to discuss the merits of outsourcing the hiring process to a recruitment agency, against posting advertisements on job sites.

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How the government in Singapore helps you succeed

According to the World Bank, Singapore is ranked in the top three out of the one hundred and ninety in Ease of Doing Business, Overall Rank of a group, and Starting a Businesses. Moreover, in the US News Global report, Singapore is ranked second in the mover’s subcategory. This represents the country’s growth in terms […]

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The growing need for soft skills in today’s world

Soft skills – what are they? You may think job recruiters are looking solely for the person with job-specific skills, or skills that are usually acquired either through education or experience. These types of skills are both easily definable and observable. Think of computer programmers, lawyers, construction workers, or chefs. While these skills are undoubtedly […]

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Incorporating a Company in Singapore

  Singapore is a beautiful city-state that is known to have a thriving business culture. Because of its close proximity to other countries within Asia, it naturally has become the center of international business, said to be hosting over 30,000 international companies. This fact not only attracts businesses to set up in Singapore, but foreign […]

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5 easy ways to improve your company’s website

Your company’s website will likely be making the first impression on a potential new client. That being said, you want to make sure it’s a good one. You know how you tidy up your living room or kitchen before inviting guests over? That’s how you should think about your website. Is it clean? Functional? Easy […]

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Singapore: The Future for Entrepreneurs

Business is growing substantially in Singapore, as is evident by being ranked in the top ten places for businesses in the world by Forbes in 2018. Entrepreneurship thrives on that growth and luckily incorporating a business in Singapore can be very simple. In fact, it only takes 24 to 48 hours to incorporate companies in […]

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