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Your First Start-up Pitch Deck

How to craft your first start-up pitch deck It is time to grow your business and you start to meet investors and venture capitals (VC) for fundraising. Now, you’re off to a good start and certainly should take this opportunity to pitch to the prospective investors and get them to learn more about your business. […]

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Why it may be better to create your own company as a freelancer

When starting your own business as a freelancer, perhaps your first thought will be to register your company as a Sole Proprietorship. After all, that is what the structure is made for, right? It is for freelancers who work alone and wish to keep the administrative side of their business as uncomplicated as possible.

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Tax Incentives available to all Singapore companies

Singapore as a Global Business Hub In September of 1965, after years of political disagreement, Singapore separated from Malaysia and became an independent nation. The new state’s lack of natural resources prompted the government to quickly invite foreign investments and international trade, a move that has allowed Singapore to grow into one of the biggest […]

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Is entrepreneurship right for you?

Photo by Headway The truth about entrepreneurship Many people have a lot of ideas about what working in entrepreneurship is like. Some see it as a walk in the park – you may your own hours, make all of your own decisions, and get to work on something you’re passionate about! Sounds like a dream, right? […]

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You Run the Business While We Support You

It is essential that businessmen concentrate fully on their business. Even those who are going to start their first business should have their focus on opening the company on time. They should ensure that all they require for the company are ready. Even if you going to work from home, you should ensure that the necessary tools you require are ready. Every entrepreneur needs to network with their prospective customers before they open the company. This will pave the way for a good start. They should have their staff ready if they are starting with a team. The office should be well equipped to start work on the first day. When there is so much to handle it is not wise for them to involve in other work.

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How to incorporate your company in Singapore

How to incorporate your company in Singapore…? In order to set up a company and start doing business in Singapore, the company must first be incorporated.The following information is required by Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA ) when incorporating your company in Singapore: Company Name Brief Description of Business Activities Shareholders’ Particulars Directors’ Particulars […]

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