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Why your startup needs a positioning statement

One of the greatest benefits of having a startup business is an immense opportunity for growth! As a startup, you will quickly check small goals off of your to-do list and constantly be working towards the greater objectives. With so much room for growth, how can you be sure your business is staying on track? […]

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Why Your Business Needs a Website

Tips on creating a website for entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs are responsible for handling a wide variety of functions, from business operations to marketing. As many entrepreneurs know, these on-hand tasks can seem endless. As a small business or early-stage start-up, it is imperative that you build brand awareness and presence. This can be done with offline […]

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Best Incorporation services in Singapore 2020 (Bonus Section: Best Business Banking Account in Singapore 2020)

As a startup founder or an entrepreneur, the very last thing you want is getting stuck on that very first step of the journey ie. the incorporation of a legal entity to run your business (in other words, a company). If you are stuck with the countless options out there to incorporate your company, you’re […]

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Reaching beyond the demand

Introduction                 Due to the Competition & Consumer Commission Act of Singapore (CCCS). With a large competition platform, it is hard to differentiate yourself. In this blog, I will discuss the importance of reaching beyond existing demand to maximize profits. Given Singapore’s popular industries and types of customers, you will be able to take your […]

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Why you should hire a third party to incorporate your business

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most exciting journeys a young professional can take on. In fact, seeing your vision develop into a business is a rewarding accomplishment for aspiring business owners. Finally seeing your own products or service on the market is a milestone that many professionals hope to reach. However, the staircase […]

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Trade in Singapore

To start, Singapore is a free-market economy. This means that good and services are priced based on the willingness of the consumers, not the government. Supply and demand are not intervened at all by the government either. Free Trade When it comes to free trade, Singapore is known as the most open in the world. […]

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