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The profile of a Singaporean entrepreneur

Singapore is a country known for its efficiency, orderliness and honesty with a pro business climate. There is a developed technological infrastructure and legal system (including Intellectual Property laws), which are invaluable to a start-up. However, in well-educated and fast-moving Singapore, people tend to be more career-oriented. Thus, many talented Singaporeans would be more tempted by the allure and stability of an established Multinational Corporation (MNC) rather than the uncertainty of start-ups.

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2.1.2 Website Development

We start with website development! Every company nowadays need a website. To not have a website is almost like paying a hefty penalty from the beginning because all your competitors will have website. Having a website will improve your chances of being discovered by potential customers and also makes it simple for people to find more information about your company. Therefore, it is extremely crucial that entrepreneurs have a website for their business, and they should have one up and running as soon as possible!

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Investing in Your Personal Branding

Building your personal branding – how is it important? As an aspiring entrepreneur, have you ever thought of staying ahead of the rat race amongst all the other entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship today is no longer about promoting your business branding; you have to build your personal brand and put yourself out there before you could start […]

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Best Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

7 tips for marketing your small business Small businesses often face additional difficulties when trying to promote their goods and services, especially compared to big firms with huge budgets. It’s hard to increase brand awareness (or even product awareness) when you’re competing with less cash. Still, there are some easy ways to effectively market your […]

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