post-title 2.1.2 Website Development

2.1.2 Website Development

Last modified: March 6, 2022

2.1.2 Website Development

2.1.2 Website Development

We start with website development! Every company nowadays need a website. To not have a website is almost like paying a hefty penalty from the beginning because all your competitors will have website. Having a website will improve your chances of being discovered by potential customers and also makes it simple for people to find more information about your company. Therefore, it is extremely crucial that entrepreneurs have a website for their business, and they should have one up and running as soon as possible!

We here at InCorporate.sg recommend that you first buy your domain name and hosting before hiring a developer. Check out this comparison page to find out which web hosting service to use! We highly recommend too, that entrepreneurs do not spend too much time and effort developing their own website if they are not proficient in it, and instead outsource it to a professional! There are plenty of reasons to outsource your website development and here are some important ones.


Developing a website isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. For a complete newbie, it will probably take tens of excruciating hours to get it right, even if you are using a template. There are simply too many things to learn and do that it is simply not worth an entrepreneur’s time. In the last article, we talked about opportunity cost, and spending too much time developing your own website will take you away from other essential parts of your business like product development, marketing etc. Besides, a professional web developer will complete the job in less than half the time a newbie needs. Time is money in the startup world, so go with the more efficient option.

Then you might think that perhaps an in-house team will be better? When you are just starting out as a young business, odds are that you are cash-strapped. Hiring an in-house team will be significantly more expensive and thus not a feasible option. Outsourcing to a freelance team from a remote location will be significantly cheaper.


Well, this is a no-brainer. The design of your website is intensely crucial. If your website looks amateurish and poorly designed, the odds of people taking your website seriously is low. That being said, do make sure that the web developers you are outsourcing to are well versed in web design as well, because that is the skill that beautifies your website.

If it is software or app development that you are trying to develop, then outsourcing will be better for you too. The power of a talented and experienced development team is unmatched. By outsourcing, you don’t need to worry about whether your freshly employed developer can do it, or worry if it will be good enough.

Cost Savings…

By outsourcing to a remote team to other countries where labour costs are lower, you will potentially save a huge chunk of money on your total development costs, even if you are outsourcing to a local team! If you have your own in-house developer, you have to remember about the acquisition cost, training cost. You also need to worry about their personal growth, and welfare… Plenty of headaches come with hiring an extra employee that you realistically don’t need. When you hire a software house, or freelance development team, everything becomes their problem. They have to provide the resources to deliver the cutting-edge, awesome product that you deserve with your money.

It really is much better to outsource your website development, or any type of development for that matter. Save your energy and time for other aspects of the business. It will do you a lot of good in the long run.

Do check out our reviews on web hosting services right here. If you do use any one of them, do share your experience by reviewing them, or commenting! Many others in the InCorporate.sg community would love to hear your feedback! Thank you very much, and all the best in your entrepreneurial journey.

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