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post-title Singapore Business Printing Services Comparison

Singapore Business Printing Services Comparison

Last modified: February 9, 2020

Singapore Business Printing Services Comparison

Singapore Business Printing Services Comparison

Printing business cards is something that most entrepreneurs will need to do as their businesses get going. They will probably need to distribute name cards as they go around networking. Not only just business cards, brochures and flyers are also common ways of advertisement. All of these services are likely provided by a business printing service. So, for this article, we will be comparing 4 business printing services in Singapore. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but at least you can get a sense of how the prices are like and the services generally on offer.

A.1 Business

A1 Business is a one-stop business solution provider offering a full spectrum of services for starting your business, from incorporation service, secretarial service, to name card printing and accounting. You can check out our review of their services here. For this article, we will focus on their business card printing service.


They charge $25 for artwork, excluding the logo but it will be waived if you order 6 boxes and above. 200 cards/ 2 boxes is the minimum.



EasiTech is an online printing company based in Singapore, which is different from many other online ones who are based overseas. They have one standard size for their name cards, 90mm x 54mm. Here is a list of their prices.

200 pcs: S$12
300 pcs: S$15
500 pcs: S$23
1000 pcs: S$32
2000 pcs: S$63
Minimum Order Quantity: 200 pcs.
Finishing: Blind Emboss, Hot Stamping, Round Corner, Die Cut

Delivery Fee Charge for Name Cards: $8/trip

One important thing to note is that they provide standard templates for customers to select. You don’t have the option to personalize and customize your name card since the choices are limited. You can only choose the material, side, embossed or not and if hot stamp is available.


ExpressPrint is an online store offering printing services. You can go to their page to purchase a variety of services including large format printing, digital printing, offset printing and sublimation printing that businesses can use for their giveaways. After buying from their online store, you can choose to have the product delivered to you, or collect it yourself from their collection point at Toa Payoh.

Just like other printing companies, ExpressPrint also gives you the option to use your own design, or you can engage their artwork services. Here is a list of their pricing.

  • Standard Business Card 
    size: max: 89mm x 54mm
    min: 40mm x 40mm
    Materials to choose from: Coated Card, Uncoated Card and Plastic Card
    Pricing for 310 gsm art card + matt lamination:
    300 pcs: $30
    500 pcs: $35
  • Express Business Card (printed in 2 hours)
    size: max: 89mm x 54mm
    min: 40mm x 40mm
       Material: Coated Card
    100 pcs: $16 before (7%) GST
  • Business Card Die-Cut
    size: max: 89mm x 54mm
    min: 40mm x 40mm
    Materials to choose from: Coated Card, Uncoated Card and Plastic Card
    Pricing for 180gsm PVC Single Side:
    100 pcs: $57 before (7%) GST



Next up we have PrintVenue, an online portal for printing services and personalised gifts. They have a massive variety of products you can customise, from cushions to mugs. However, we are going to analyse their cost for their business cards. Below is a pricing list.


  • Classic Business Cards (91 x 61 mm)
    S$6.00 for 100 pieces
    S$12.00 for 200 pieces
    S$30.00 for 500 pieces
  • Rounded Corner Business Cards (90 x 55 mm)
    S$7.50 for 100 pieces
    S$10.00 for 200 pieces
    S$12.50 for 500 pieces
  • Square Business Cards (69 x 69 mm)
    S$8.99 for 100 pieces
    S$17.99 for 200 pieces
    S$26.99 for 500 pieces
  • Premium Business Cards  (90 x 50 mm)
    S$9.60 for 100 pieces
    S$23.00 for 200 pieces
    S$46.00 for 500 pieces
  • Premium Vertical Business Card  (50 x 90 mm)
    S$9.60 for 200 pieces
    S$14.40 for 300 pieces
    S$23.00 for 500 pieces
  • Mini Business Cards (74 x 34 mm)
    S$10.00 for 100 pieces
    S$20.00 for 200 pieces
    S$50.00 for 500 pieces
  • Folded Business Cards (134 x 50 mm)
    S$14.00 for 100 pieces
    S$27.20 for 200 pieces
    S$66.00 for 500 pieces

After choosing the type of card you need, you will be directed to a page where you can either upload a design or pick your own template. One thing commendable about their user interface is that you can filter out the type of designs that you want instead of slowly browsing through their many design templates.


Lastly, we have VistaPrint. Vistaprint is part of the Cimpress Company that specializes in customized printing of marketing materials. They are based in Netherlands and has offices in Europe, Philippines, China, North and South America and Australia to name a few. But, in Singapore, they are available at Vistaprint’s name card products allows you to browse the designs they offer and you can add your own text and images before designing the layout and background colours. Or you can just upload your own design. Their prices vary with the type of paper stick as well as the size of the card.


  • Standard Name Cards (85 x 55 mm)
    The standard business cards are printed on a classic 300 gsm matte stock at 1004 x 650 pixels.250 pcs – S$19.99
    500 pcs- S$37.99
    1000 pcs- S$69.99
  • Deluxe Name Cards (91 x 55 mm)
    It wouldn’t be called Deluxe if the name will not speak for what it is.
    Printed on heavier 350-gsm stock which gives you a premium look.250 pcs – S$39.99
    500 pcs- S$67.99
    1000 pcs- S$119.99
  • Magnetic Name Cards (90 x 52 mm)
    Printed at 1062 x 615 pixels25 pcs – S$79.99
    50 pcs-  S$15.99
    100 pcs- S$31.99
    200 pcs- S59.99
    500 pcs- S$99.99
  • Personal Name Cards (91 x 55 mm)
    Show your identity and creativity with a personalized name card.
    Printed  on a heavyweight stock at 1110 x 685 pixels.50 pcs-  S$12.99
    100 pcs- S$14.99
    250 pcs- S$19.99
    500 pcs- S$37.99
    1000 pcs- S$69.99
  • Networking Cards (94 x 58 mm)
    Printed on heavyweight stocks. You can choose between premium matte or glossy stock at 1110 x 685 pixels.250 pcs – S$19.99
    500 pcs- S$37.99
    1000 pcs- S$69.99
    1500 pcs- S$83.32
    2000 pcs- S$ 92.84
  • Appointment Cards (91 x 55 mm)
    Printed on heavyweight stocks. You can choose between premium matte or glossy stock at 1110 x 685 pixels.
    250 pcs – S$19.99
    500 pcs- S$37.99
    1000 pcs- S$69.99
    1500 pcs- S$83.32
    2000 pcs- S$ 92.84
  • Folded Name Cards (90 x 52 mm)
    These are name cards with a folded card format, printed on matte or glossy stock at 1062 x 615 pixels.250 pcs – S$29.99
    500 pcs- S$44.99
    1000 pcs- S$74.99
    1500 pcs- S$104.00
    2000 pcs- S$ 134.00



If you want the absolute cheapest price for the most basic business card, EasiTech may be the cheapest option if you buy in bulk at upwards of 300 pieces or more. However, they lack customisation options compared to the other options. We recommend PrintVenue because they are not that much more expensive than EasiTech and they have a user-friendly interface as well as a large variety of customisation and design options so that you can make your optimal card for your purposes.

But of course, you have to make your own judgement on which company to select for your printing needs. Look through their prices and services carefully and make sure you are happy with what you will be paying for. Once you have your own opinion, please let us know what you think by leaving us a review right here on this page!

For other types of corporate services. you can find the best services recommended for you based on hundreds of companies reviewed on our platform.


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