post-title How to get interns for your business

How to get interns for your business

Last modified: November 23, 2023

How to get interns for your business

How to get interns for your business

Today, any college student would tell you that going to a university isn’t the golden ticket to getting a good job anymore. Internships and work experience are the most effective ways to get a job post graduation. But What is the best way to find an intern? What are the benefits of having an intern rather than a full time employee? What should you consider in the hiring process?

Benefits of hiring interns

Cost effective
– They are willing to work for free or for a stipend
– If they aren’t getting paid the intern is more likely to work part time so they can also work part time at a paying job.

Hiring pipeline
– From the intern perspective, an internship is not only a way to get work experience but also a possibility of getting a job offer if both the intern and employer mutually find the work relationship beneficial

Reduces time and money costs
– Hiring someone who has already worked for your company minimizes the learning curve and training time required.
– As an employer you already know how they work, their personality and how they fit on your team and in your organization before you commit to giving them a paying job.
– The time and money it take to hire someone, train them and then have a probationary period could all be for nothing if they end up not being the correct fit. Hiring an intern mitigates this issue.

Higher retention rate
– Why would the intern accept if they didn’t enjoy interning their time there?
– If they were willing to work for free, imagine what they would do for a paycheck.

How to find intern an intern?

Job platform websites

  • Linkedin
  • Indeed
  • Glint
  • College career offices and portal
  • Tech in Asia
  • StartUpJobsinAsia

Online application on the company website

Word of mouth

What to consider when hiring an intern?


Long term 
- 6 months - 1 year
- May - August
Part time 
- Around 20 hours per week


Full time, long term interns need paycheck 

- It is a necessity of life especially if the intern supports themselves financially.
- Working for your company full time and not being paid is near impossible for an intern unless they are supported financially by another person or if they have a healthy savings account they can dip into during their internship period.
- This is rare though so if you are expecting to hire a full time, long term intern without paying them a livable wage you may struggle to find someone willing to hire them.

Summer and part time internships do not need a paycheck

– These are mostly college students who are just looking for work experience. While many do need a paid job to support themselves while at their university, the trade off of getting work experience so that they can get a paid job can be worth it for some.
– Short term unpaid internships are more realistic financially because they can work a paid job simultaneously or they can use their savings without completely depleting their bank account.

Be upfront with your intern about expectations

– If they are unpaid or only have a stipend, you need to understand that they are willing to work for free so make sure they understand what they are going to be undertaking.
– If they are unpaid or only have a stipend, you need to understand that they are willing to work for free so make sure they understand what they are going to be undertaking.

Be upfront about:

  • Long hours
  • How much responsibility they would have
  • How much oversight they would have
  • The structure of the internship can make or break it for the intern
  • Some interns thrive in a self-starter environment whereas others may need a lot of instruction.


The expectations between an undergrad freshman and an undergrad senior are very different. 

- They are bright eyed bushy tailed and just looking to get their toes wet in the workforce.
- They might be looking to see if their major is right for them by working a job in their field.

- They are more self-aware and have a better understanding of themselves.
- They have more knowledge of their chosen field due to more concentrated knowledge they gained from their higher level classes.

How to ensure your intern has a positive experience

Pay them 
-Interns are investing in their work experience by taking an unpaid internship but not without personal loss. To help alleviate the stress, even a stipend can help them feel more comfortable working for your business.

Mentor them
- The most rewarding thing an intern can get is knowledge. Taking an interest in your interns and giving them advice is the best thing you can do for them.
- Share your experiences with them- both your failings and successes.
- Be tough but fair.
- Constantly give them constructive feedback to their work so they can constantly improve and work to be better. Receiving positive feedback helps push them to want to work harder and make you proud.

Give them real work
- While having an intern sounds like an opportunity to give them the work you don't want to do or a free coffee delivery person you shouldn't underestimate them.
- Give your intern work that matters and work they can be proud of.

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