post-title A 10-Step Guide on How to Start a Business in Singapore

A 10-Step Guide on How to Start a Business in Singapore

Last modified: December 3, 2018

A 10-Step Guide on How to Start a Business in Singapore

A 10-Step Guide on How to Start a Business in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best countries to start your company. You can set your goal to establish your company by providing business service across the world, to help your clients make more confident and professional informed decisions.

For entrepreneurs setting a company is the ultimate dream but dreams only come true when we see that dream. There are many hurdles will come in your dream, but you have to pass those hurdles and to follow your dream with passion. To fulfil your dreams, you have to overcome each and every challenge by facing them properly.

Your handwork and dedication towards your work will help you to attain your goal one day so you have to focus on your dreams to come true.

If you’re been thinking about opening your own company, read on to learn how to start a business in Singapore:


Step 1: Business Idea

First things first, you need a Business Idea, so that you can balance it with little reality. This is the first step in starting a business in Singapore. Your idea should have potential to succeed and fulfil a need or offer wanted by your clients’ market.


Step 2: Plan

Now, set a Plan for your company to make your business idea a reality. This plan will work as blueprint design that will help you to guide your business plan through various sections after you commence the first phase of starting a business in Singapore.


Step 3: Finances 

Plan Your Finances so that you can have idea how much you can spend on your company, but you have to make a list in which you are going to invest money (for example Licenses, Enter Pass, legal company registration fees, insurance, property leases etc) as well as you have to predict that you have to run your company business at least for 1-2 years including rent, travel expenses, employee salaries, own salaries and many other requirement needed for your company.

You should think properly before you invest your capital on financial basis for establishment of your company business.


Step 4: Business Formation

Choose a Business Formation that will impact many factors depending on the complexity of your business. Always choose a good formation to set your business in a good location when starting a business in Singapore.


Step 5: Register your company

Choose the best name when you register your company. The Company name always gives a good impression to clients. A good name brings happiness as well as prosperity in life so why can’t we choose good name to register your company. Don’t forget to register your Domain name once you have selected your company name for registration.


Step 6: license

Get authentication for license and permits. Legal papers are very important for starting a business in Singapore, so you have to follow the rules and regulations given by the government of country. You have to register your company on which location you want to set a company. So, don’t forget to take legal permissions from the government.


Step 7: accounting

Choose your accounting System. Every company can run smoothly when there are all things in proper position and most important position of company establishment is you should have accounting system, where you can manage your budget set your rates and prices, communicate with others to share information from one place to another. Always choose good accounting software and decide where you have to invest your capital.


Step 8: Office

Set up your Business Location. Set your company business in good location when starting a business in Singapore so that your company members need not decide where should they go, because good location always attracts employees to fulfil their requirements.


Step 9: Recruit

Get your Team ready. Whenever you are thinking to open a company you should have group of people to run your company. Team work always brings victory to company reputation.


Step 10: Promote

Promote your business. Once your business is established you should promote your business achievements. You can create your magazines and websites that will describe specific information related to your company business.

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