post-title Is a co-working space right for you?

Is a co-working space right for you?

Last modified: June 10, 2022

Is a co-working space right for you?

Is a co-working space right for you?

Do you need a co-working space?

Are you an entrepreneur who has been working from home or taking your laptop to a café? Do you find yourself unproductive at work whilst working at these places? Or are you looking for working spaces for your expanding team? Well, fret not, because there are many co-working spaces for you to get your creative juices flowing.

A co-working space allows you to work amongst liked-minded individuals who are seeking to grow their business effectively. It is usually strategically located at the central area which gives you the convenience of meeting business partners in the city and all these benefits – at a marginal price of a commercial office rental fee.

Certainly, there are much more benefits of a co-working space, apart from the aforementioned:

1. Low cost

Cost is a crucial factor for start-up businesses seeking to grow. A co-working space allows you to save on various types of expenses such as: office equipment, office/fire insurance, cleaning expenses and other miscellaneous expenses needed when you rent a commercial office building.

Additionally, the effort and time spent on sourcing for contractors and maintenance repair would be all saved – time is precious, especially for growing businesses just like your own.

2. Flexible choices (and job control)

Renting a co-working space allows you to have greater flexibility on how you choose to run your business. In any case if you decide to work from home on certain days of the week, you could do that and not worry about having to come in to office everyday after signing a long-term lease for a commercial office building.

3. Convenient location

As previously mentioned, most co-working spaces are usually conveniently located in the heart of the city (CBD in Singapore’s context). Moreover, you can easily find your way to these co-working spaces even by public transportation.  This is extremely beneficial if you have to frequently meet up with your clients or business partners.

4. Work-life balance

Most of your employees would value work-life balance and a co-working space promotes this. Co-working spaces offer difference facilities that allow you to de-stress – comfy bean bags where you could choose to take a break at. Occasionally, these co-working spaces organise activities such as social events or workshops that promote health and wellness.

Whoever said going to work is just “work hard and no play”? These co-working spaces give you the chance to work hard and play hard.

5. Networking Opportunities

Apart from the networking events or workshops that the co-working space may organise, at a co-working space, you’ll be constantly surrounded by liked-minded entrepreneurs whom you could network with. Your ‘desk-neighbour’ sitting next to you could possibly be your prospective client, or business partner! The co-working space is the best way to meet new people and market your business (note: not hard selling).

After covering the 5 main benefits of renting a co-working space, if you’re now motivated to get down to business and work productively, you may look at our list of partners who offer co-working spaces here.

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