post-title 2.1.6 Recruitment

2.1.6 Recruitment

Last modified: June 21, 2022

2.1.6 Recruitment

2.1.6 Recruitment

Last up, we have Recruitment. The process of hiring workers is probably one of the most crucial ones in the company. Good employees boost productivity and improve the company’s bottom line. Thus, it is extremely important that you hire the right people for the job. There are plenty of ways to hire people.

But, for this article, we are going to discuss the merits of outsourcing the hiring process to a recruitment agency, against posting advertisements on job sites.

Recruitment Agencies

There are many of recruitment agencies in Singapore. How it works is that you pay them to utilise their resources to help you find people for the job vacancies that you have. Here are some merits of using them.

Your focus can remain on business

By outsourcing your recruitment to these agencies, you save a lot of time that you could have devoted to searching for them yourself. Again, it is opportunity cost. By spending time on looking for fresh hires yourself, you are spending time that could have been used on other matters that could be important to the running of the company.

Reduce Costs?

Hiring can be expensive at times. It requires quite a bit of labour, posting ads on job boards, conducting interviews. Recruitment agencies have the resources to do so in a cheaper manner. Unless you are a large company, chances are you won’t have the resources to staff an in-house recruitment team. Bad idea. Thus, it may be cheaper in the long run to outsource the process.

Reduced Turnover?

High turnover rates are bad for business. It leads to reduced productivity, lower client services and lower staff engagement. Of course, a lot of it has to do with company culture, remuneration and engagement. However, turnover rates can have something to do with recruitment functions. Recruiting highly qualified employees suited to the job and the responsibilities it entails will generally lead to lower turnover rates. Recruitment agencies can help out with that aspect by having external experienced recruiters source for the hires for the companies.

Doing it yourself

If you are an entrepreneur looking for people to hire for your young company, there are plenty of ways to advertise your job opening. Here are some that we recommend.

Internsg.com – Generally used to hire interns. You will easily get a lot of applications due to the sheer amount of fresh graduates looking for working experience.

Startupjobs.asia– As the name suggests, it is used by startups to post job advertisements.

Jobs Central– One of the most comprehensive job search portals in Singapore

Singapore Part Time Jobs– Mainly used for temporary, part-time or freelance job postings. You need a subscription to post though.

These are just a few of the many jobs posting sites in Singapore. Do target your job listing to the type of job vacancy you are offering. For example, if you are a technology startup looking for web developers, startupjobs.asia will probably be your best bet for finding a suitable candidate.

Then comes the interview which will be arranged by you with your applicants. Don’t be hasty about it and make sure that the person truly fits the role that you want him to fulfill in your company.


There are pros and cons associated with the outsourcing of the hiring process. The main con is that you don’t really get to interview the candidates and truly know who is the right fit. You have to entrust that in the hands of an external 3rd party. For more important positions, it may be necessary for you to interview and get to know the candidates yourself and make the decision.

Thus, what I can propose is that you use the recruitment agencies to source for you the more part-time positions. For example, if you need administrative assistants on a part-time basis, it will be probably be easier for you to use recruitment agencies to look for candidates.

However, perhaps if you are looking for, take for example, a web developer for your growing startup, then it may be better for you to post an advertisement on relevant websites, or source for them using your own connections. This way, you have more autonomy over the process.

This is the last post for the series of articles, An Entrepreneur’s Journeyand I hope you have found our articles useful. We have a lot of reviews on corporate service providers in Singapore right here, so please do check them out and leave your feedback for the benefit of the InCorporate.sg community.

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