A secretary is mandatory by law and it offers many benefits to a company. We will offer a complimentary 1 year secretary service for your business

Retail Value

Hiring secretarial services for 1 year will cost you on average $300-$450
All companies in Singapore are required to appoint a Secretary within 6 months of its incorporation under the law. Over here at we understand that this process of finding a Secretary for your company might seem complicated and daunting, hence we want to save you this hassle. Upon signing up, we will choose from among a list of secretaries that we have hand-picked and assign to you one that suits your company’s needs the most. There are 2 annual obligations for every company in Singapore:
  1. Filing of annual returns with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  2. Filing of Annual General Meeting (AGM)
However, we understand that some of your companies have additional duties which a secretary can help with, hence the secretary service that we are providing in this package will also perform the following tasks should you require:
  1. Attending board meetings and keeping meeting minutes
  2. Preparation of documentation for changes in appointments, shareholders, and other changes in the company
  3. Preparation of agendas for company meetings


Our Secretary service is FREE the first year when you choose one of our packages and will be charged 299$ per year after.


To be fully transparent, here is the list of services and prices that you might need one day :


Company Transaction


Total Fee you will be paying with as your Corporate Secretary


Name application


INCLUDED in our packages


Registration fee


INCLUDED in our packages


Annual filing




Conversion within Company types




Lodgment of Notice of Error (NOE)




Registration of particulars relating to charges




Registration for amalgamation

$400 (separate company registration fee of $300 applies where the amalgamated company is a new company)

$440 or $340


Application for Extension of Time (EOT) to file accounts or to hold Annual General Meeting (AGM)




Other fee per application (see below)


– Application for exemptions from Singapore Financial Reporting Standards requirements



– Application for waiver to lodge annual filing of forms and documents relating to the operations of a foreign company in Singapore

– Application for relief from requirements as to form and content of accounts and reports

– Application for license to hold land under S23(2)

– Application for omission of the word “Limited” or Berhad”

– Application to the Registrar to direct a change of name


STRIKE OFF between $500 & $800

We can help to strike off your company but will request all documents before we can quote you.