Receive a complimentary registered address which you can use for your business for 1 year

Retail Value

Getting a registered address which you can use for your business will cost you on average $100-$150
Under the law, all companies in Singapore need a registered business address when filing for incorporation. However, we understand that many entrepreneurs who are just starting out will be working from home/ cafes and will not be renting an office. Hence, we are providing a good way around this:

We will provide entrepreneurs like yourself with a registered business address

You can use this address:
  • as your business when filing up the official documents for incorporation
  • as your company’s mailing address to receive mail and official documents
  • as your company’s address on your website or name card which will make your company appear more professional and trustworthy


Our Registered Address service is FREE the first year when you choose one of our packages and will be charged 299$ per year after.