post-title 5 easy ways to improve your company’s website

5 easy ways to improve your company’s website

Last modified: October 15, 2023

5 easy ways to improve your company’s website

5 easy ways to improve your company’s website

Your company’s website will likely be making the first impression on a potential new client. That being said, you want to make sure it’s a good one. You know how you tidy up your living room or kitchen before inviting guests over? That’s how you should think about your website. Is it clean? Functional? Easy to navigate? But again, the most important question is will it make a good impression? If the answer is no, or even if you think your website just needs a little tweaking, you’re in luck! These tips below will definitely help you revamp your website.

1. (Re)evaluate your current situation

One of the easiest things you can do as a website owner is make sure that all of your content is up to date. Re read over everything! If there’s anything that stands out to you as incorrect or simply irrelevant, delete it. It will seem the same way to a site visitor. If you have an area dedicated to special offers, and those special offers are all outdated, you could risk irritating a potential new client! If you’re opposed to deleting content on your site, consider making some quick edits.

2. Test your design flow

Ask a couple of friends who haven’t seen your website if they could spend a few minutes clicking through it. These newbies will be the best way to spot any design inconsistencies or areas of improvement as they best mimic a new website visitor. They’ll be able to tell you what does or does not make sense with the structure of your site. This is essential, as you definitely want to make sure your company website is intuitive and easy to use!

3. Choose the best images

This is another super easy way to improve your site. Go through your company’s pages and make sure that all of the pictures being shown are clear and high quality. A blurry or grainy picture is an automatic aesthetic turnoff. Those images send a message to your visitors that may leave them viewing you as untrustworthy or low quality (like the images themselves). If possible, use pictures from your actual office or of your employees! If you can’t, there are a lot of great websites out there for you to get free, amazing quality images. I personally love unsplash.com (click here), but you can find other websites listed here.

4. Add more calls to action

Calls to action are great because they prompt users to actively interact with your website. These are buttons that ask your users to embark on a specific course of action. Think “get deal now” or “learn more”. They also act as guides for your website visitors – someone who isn’t sure of the next step to take on your website can know what to do with an identifiable call to action! Use these as stepping stones to help guide people through your site.

5. Scatter your testimonials

Generally speaking, site visitors won’t spend a lot of time reading through a testimonials page. Yet testimonials are one of the best ways to show how competent and trustworthy your company is! Go through your best reviews, pick out little slices, and scatter them throughout your website. However, the trick here is to make sure that the testimonial you’re displaying relates to the page it sits on. Your positive reviews should be seen! You just want to make sure that visitors will actually see them.


And there you have it. There are five super easy ways you can improve the look, feel, and layout of your company website. Additionally, if you feel like you may need an extra hand to help you get started with your website, try reading some reviews on web design service providers here.



Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

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