post-title Is Incorporation Necessary in Singapore?

Is Incorporation Necessary in Singapore?

Last modified: April 10, 2021

Is Incorporation Necessary in Singapore?

Is Incorporation Necessary in Singapore?

The necessity of incorporation can be controversial since it will enable the business to have its legal entity. However, do you want to protect yourself when something unpleasant happens to your company? Then your answer should lean toward a “yes.” But that is not the only benefit. Here are the main necessary reasons for incorporation that is for the sake of yourself and the business. 

Before we begin, here is an article about the things you need to know before you incorporate.

Protection from Liability 

First and foremost reason to incorporate is that you will protect yourself by distinguishing your own assets from the company. Your business liabilities will not affect the owner or shareholders. To elaborate, When the company is in debt, external parties can only demand the shareholders’ investments, but not personal assets. Through incorporating, you do not have to worry about losing your own property. 

Tax Benefits

Every business would love to save as much as possible money. Everyone knows that paying for many different types of taxes is burdensome. By incorporating, your business may qualify for a tax deduction of any business-related expenses. Incorporation is specifically cost-effective. Some examples of tax reduction include wages, insurance, and materials costs.

Better Company Image

If you are confident in your goods and services and want consumers to trust your company, then incorporate is a must. It is essentially used to show your commitment and add credibility to your business. There will also be higher regard and recognition just by including Inc., Co., or LLC. Your business is also more likely to have smoother negotiations with banks, investors, and statutory authorities.

Easier to Manage Company

A company without incorporation tend to be less structured and may be subject to manipulation. When a company is incorporated, decision-making becomes the focus, and the power can maintain in the hands of the board members. These board members will then assign tasks, to prevent employees and co-owners from taking advantage. Moreover, the company’s structure will also become easier to manage as the board will monitor it.

Ease of Transferring Ownership

As a business owner of an incorporated business, you will be able to transfer ownership in a breeze. You can simply sell or designate a person to take over. The purpose of a smooth share transfer is to enable the company to have a perpetual existence. Usually, a company may encounter shortfalls after the owner has died or stepped down. But incorporation will be able to prevent such complications and ensure the company is running smoothly.

Leniency from the Government 

It is generally not plausible for the government to help with every business operations, that is just not practical. However, an incorporated company is considered part of the government. Therefore, the government is more willing to make compromises with the requests of an incorporated business than others. 

Proven Best Business Structure

There have been millions of incorporated businesses that are evidence of its successful method. Many have approved that an incorporated company is the best strategic management of a business. For example, board members, risk mitigations, as well as regulation management. 

There are many reasons why incorporation is necessary. It is up to you to decide how equipped is your company. However, if you want to be part of the many success stories, then incorporation is the best option for you.

If you decided that you want to incorporate your business, here is an article about how to incorporate your business in Singapore. If you want to learn more about the incorporation packages, you can read here

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