post-title Best Online Incorporation Services in Singapore

Best Online Incorporation Services in Singapore

Last modified: September 12, 2023

Best Online Incorporation Services in Singapore

Best Online Incorporation Services in Singapore

On a previous post, we talked about the top 5 incorporation services (online plus offline) in Singapore. On today’s post, we will be talking about the best online incorporation services in Singapore specifically. An online incorporation service make use of technology such as e-signature and digital forms to complete the entire registration process online. This allows customers to not have to travel and save time.


First up on our list is Osome. This innovative company focuses on using technology to simplify the tedious administrative tasks that all entrepreneurs have to go through. They provide company incorporation, accounting and secretarial services in Singapore. Osome is the first company in Singapore that uses an app for incorporation services. Customers use their in-house mobile app to talk directly to Osome assistants, send invoices and sign documents. If you are looking for a simple and convenient solution for incorporation, be sure to checkout Osome. They offer free consultations on their website.

AI Accountant

AI Accountant provides incorporation and other services at very reasonable prices. Just like all other companies in this list, AI Accountant also incorporates your company for you entirely online. They provide 24/7 customer support and promises fast processing time. However, note that AI Accountant might not be suitable for foreigners looking to incorporate a company in Singapore. This is because it is a statutory requirement for all companies to have a resident director in order to incorporate. Unfortunately, AI Accountant does not provide resident directors for customers, hence they are unable to serve foreign customers. For locals looking to incorporate their company, AI Accountant is a fast and value-for-money incorporation service provider.


Sleek is one of the most comprehensive service provider for entrepreneurs in Singapore. Besides incorporation, Sleek also provides company secretaries, resident director, registered address and employment passes. Unlike AI Accountant, Sleek is able to help both locals and foreigners looking to incorporate their company in Singapore. They also provide tailored services for companies at different stages such as startup, SME and booming businesses. For their full review, click here.


We truly believe we provide one of the most value-for-money packages in Singapore. We also value price-transparency highly. Many service providers do not disclose hidden fees and extra services that you will need during incorporation, hence your final bill will often end up much higher than advertised. For example, it is a requirement to have a registered address in order to incorporate. However, many service providers do not provide their customers with a registered address as part of their incorporation package. Hence, they have to spend extra hundreds of dollars to get a registered address in order to incorporate. At Incorporate.sg, you can rest assure that there will be no such hidden costs involved. We provide all the services you need together with the package, such as registered address, secretarial services and corporate bank account. We partnered with best in class corporate services company to offer packages for new company with less than 4 shareholders and 100k profit the first year. Check out our packages here.


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