You already have a name for your business or your company. What is the next step? If you think finding a name is easy as it seems then you need to read this. Just because you have a name picked doesn’t mean that name is yours already. There are some things you have to do. You have to register your company name before having your brochures or advertisements planned out. Registering your company will make sure that the name you have in mind is not taken by other businesses. It will be a big problem, if you are on the same industry and you have the same company name with another business. That will be confusing for your target market and there are legal technicalities at the same time. Now that you have your name company cross checked and there is no identical name then you are ready to register your name. A good brand name can take a business a long way. Getting the right name for your company can take your business a long way. Enjoy your name hunting!