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Starting your business

Several of the mechanisms of running a business are opaque, especially to entrepreneurs for the first time. You may have not done the accounting or contract negotiation before. You could be employed at work at companies with processes and people in place to support your work. Do not worry ! Every skill involved in running a business is learnable, including by you, specifically.

InCorporate exists to help entrepreneurs all over the world to start, run, and raise their businesses. We remount this guide to cover many of the details you will need for your business during its first year. Hopefully this helps demystify some of these concepts and free you back to create value and find customers for it. That said, up to the degree we cover accounting and legal subjects, this is information rather than advice. Please use it as an indicator to know what topics to cover when you discuss the point with your professional advisors. We are not lawyers or accountants, and we are not your lawyers or accountants. (Companies incorporating through the scratch atlas get a consultation with accountants and lawyers included as part of the offer.)

We intend to add to this guide over time. Leave us a line at [email protected] if there is any topic you would like us to cover.


There is more to learn

The mechanics of running a business are complicated, and there is much, much more that could be said about each of these topics. You should also start to become conversant on marketing, sales, and the specifics of how your business goes about producing value.

We’re in your corner on this. InCorporate is going to continue writing on topics of interest to entrepreneurs. Please feel free to write us at [email protected] if there is anything you’d like us to cover.

If you’d like to receive updates as we expand this guide or publish new ones, give us your email address below. We’ll tell you as we launch new major updates, likely once to twice a month.


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