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Limited Time Offer

We are proud to be the first marketplace in Singapore aimed at connecting entrepreneurs and service providers. InCorporate.sg is always looking for ways to improve, and we have decided to roll out a membership package that includes discounts, access to a networking forum, and an eBook highlighting important information.

We want you to be the first to try out this package, and we want you to try it out for FREE. Once this offer expires, you can still claim your membership for a one time fee of $99. To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is sign up, and you’ll receive membership status at no charge. After that, let us know what you think! We’ll use your feedback to continue improving the InCorporate experience.

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Receive discounts on all desired services     

Sign up now to receive instant and exclusive access to discounts ranging from 5-20%. These discounts apply to any and all services available on our site and are for members only. If you’re reading this, you can receive a lifetime membership for free – meaning there are no limits on the number of discounts you can receive. 


Join the community

You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group and forum where you can meet and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs! Share your experiences, ideas, and challenges to get feedback from a network of people who are all on the same entrepreneurial journey.



We’ve put together a guide to help you understand what you need to know when starting your business in Singapore. It has important information regarding accounting, taxes, employment, business structure, and more! Find out everything you need to know in one place.




Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any hidden charges or additional fees?

Absolutely not. Our company began with entrepreneurs like you in mind. We believe up and coming business owners deserve price transparency. You can enjoy all of the features listed above completely free, without any additional charges, with this limited time offer. 


When will my membership expire?

Once you become a member, you can enjoy membership perks for life! We want you to have the best chance at growing your business. Become a member today and discounts will be available to you at every point in your company’s journey.


When will I get access to membership features?

We understand your time is valuable. Once you have submitted your information, we will instantly approve your membership application. You will have immediate access to all of our membership features and can get started on selecting the best services that suit your needs.


Which services are eligible for discounts?

As a member, you are eligible to receive discounts on the following:

1) Our very own bundle packages – the EasyFast Incorporation and the EasyFast JumpStart Package. Save $55 and $111 respectively with the promised 10% membership discount. 

2) Our partners’ services. We have teamed up with the best to help with your company’s needs! Read our reviews on hundreds of service providers or our comprehensive guide to help you choose which providers are right for you.


Still have questions? 

Contact our 24-hour support team. Simply click on the blue dialogue logo on the bottom right to start!